StarAir Airlines,new brand debuts at the 2023 Hunan Air Show with new hard-core products

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On September 22, the 2023 Hunan (International) General Aviation Industry Expo opened grandly in Changsha and Zhuzhou. With the theme of "New Brand, New Journey, New Leap", StarAir Airlines unveiled a number of new products. At the same time, the Sunward Aerobatic Team conducted a three-day formation flight display at Zhuzhou Lusong General Airport-Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center.

In the A03 exhibition area of Hall E3 of the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, the high-rise building firefighting tethered UAV system, SA30U "long endurance" fixed-wing UAV and domestic avionics system exhibited for the first time by StarAir  Airlines are located in the center area of the booth; Star The product SA60L (Aurora) personalized spray-painted aircraft and future travel aircraft (Volkswagen V.MO) were unveiled again. In addition to the complete aircraft product business, StarAir Airlines also joined forces with Sunward General Aviation and Sunward Lefei to form a group to participate in this exhibition. The display content covers complete aircraft and parts manufacturing, general aviation operations, aviation research and other fields, fully demonstrating the advantages of Sunward Aviation's entire industry.

The star product SA60L (Aurora) personalized spray-painted aircraft attracted many viewers to stop and check in and take photos.

The "Aurora" light sport aircraft has high plateau take-off and landing capabilities and automatic driving capabilities, and has successfully obtained airworthiness certifications from the US FAA and Australia.

On the day of the opening ceremony, at the Zhuzhou Lusong Airport, the dynamic flight display area, the "Aurora" aerobatic team took off from Lusong Airport in a three-aircraft (Aurora) formation and flew over Changsha, Zhuzhou, and directly over the main venue of the Changsha Convention and Exhibition Center. The flight show presented a grand visual feast to the citizens of the three places and guests coming to the exhibition.


StarAir Airlines has embarked on a new journey, and will continue to adhere to independent innovation, continue to explore in the fields of manned aircraft, medium and large unmanned aerial vehicles and aviation supporting services, and continue to create Chinese value for the aviation field!










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